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  • If you are a Shared Health member, call 1-844-474-6477, 1-844-474-6477, TTY 711. 711.
  • If you are interested in joining Shared Health, call 1-855-890-1234, 1-855-890-1234, TTY 711. 711.
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What does dual eligible mean?
"Dual eligible" means you qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits.
What is a Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP)?
A D-SNP is a type of Medicare Advantage plan run by a private company, like Shared Health. But only people who have both Medicare and Medicaid can get it.

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) like Shared Health Dual Plus has a lower cost because members must use providers that are in the network in most cases.

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) like Shared Health Dual Freedom costs a little more. But it offers flexibility to use providers in and out of the plan's network.
What's the service area for our plans?
Our Shared Health Dual Plus service area includes all Mississippi counties except: Adams, Forrest, Lamar and Wilkinson counties.

Our Shared Health Dual Freedom service area includes all Mississippi counties except: Adams, Alcorn, Coahoma, Forrest, Lamar, Lincoln, Oktibbeha and Wilkinson counties.

To see the full list of counties we serve, click here.
How do I enroll?
Just give us a call at 1-855-890-1234,1-855-890-1234, TTY 711711. We’ll take you through the process step-by-step and answer all your important questions.
How do I find a doctor in my network?
If you’re looking for a new doctor, you can call us at 1-844-474-6477,1-844-474-6477, TTY 711711, for help. Or you can search for a doctor online using our Find Care tool.
I disagree with what my provider is charging me. What do I do?
Call us at 1-844-474-6477,1-844-474-6477, TTY 711711, and we’ll help.
How do I find a pharmacy in my network?
Call us at 1-844-474-6477,1-844-474-6477, TTY 711711, and we’ll help you find a pharmacy or see if we can get 90-day orders of some of your prescriptions sent directly to you. If you’d like to do it yourself, you can also search for pharmacies with our Find Care tool.
How do I know if my prescriptions are covered?

You can check out our drug listhere.

If a prescription you need isn’t covered, talk with your doctor about any generic versions or other medications on our covered drug list that might work for you. If they feel like another drug won’t work for you, they can ask us to cover the original drug. We’ll look over the request and get back to you on our decision.
I can’t drive to my doctor or pharmacist. Can I get help with rides?
Yes. As a member, you get unlimited rides each year to and from appointments (at a maximum of 100 miles each way). You can set up a ride by calling 1-855-735-43541-855-735-4354.

But please make sure to call for your ride at least 3 business days before you need a ride. Questions? Contact us, and we’ll help.
How can I get care during COVID-19?
We’re here to support you during these trying times. Here are some helpful resources you can turn to during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank you for trusting your care to our health plan and network providers.
Can I sync my personal health data to an app?
Yes. You can sync your personal health info to a third-party app. Have questions? Here are some helpful things to know.